Will we become human-robots by 2050?

The field of artificial intelligence is advancing very fast. With more sophisticated robots being invented, it is not surprising that we might become human-robots by 2050. Here are the reasons why.

2Researchers claim that humans will be marrying robots by the year 2050. Robots will be very human like; they will display emotions and have conversations just like humans. It will be as if a new race of people will be coming.

You will be able to fall in love with robots and make friends. Human will have sexual relationships with robots within the next five years. By the year 2050, there is high chance that people will have sex with robots more than with humans.

By the year 2040, Google robots will be driving cabs. Call centres will be under the control of intelligent droids. It is predicted that robots will be taking over jobs of humans within the next 30 years.

This job competition will ultimately make people run to brain surgeons to increase the processing power of their brains! People might also think of bionic implants for hands so that they can work as fast as robots.

By the year 2050, surgeons will be able to transplant human head on the body of a robot. TV Celebrity Simon Cowell has expressed his interest to get ‘cryogenically frozen’ so that he can be brought back to the life after his death. One famous neuroscientist has suggested that Cowell’s brain could be implanted on an artificial body before he dies and so he can live for hundred more years.

Major evolutionary transition is taking place in the health science industry. Robots were first introduced to make cars. Then they were made to play chess. The robotics dogs were then invented and now robots are trained to take care of the elder people. For the last 20 years researchers are working on the emotional aspect of robots. Now we can see what to expect by the year 2050.

Just How Have ATM Machines Changed Banking?

Plenty of people never carry around cash anymore, to the point where many have begun to think of ATMs as a rip-off thanks to usage fees or a relic of the past. However, that being said, these are still very important parts of banking for most people and there’s no denying that few technological advances have had the impact on not only an industry, but an entire society, the way that ATMs have.

Changed Banking Account Concepts
The idea that a customer has access to the money in his or her account at any point is a relatively new one, and especially when that idea goes to being able to get cash on hand as opposed to writing a check and hoping people accept it. This created generations who were used to having the ability to check on their accounts at any time, to be able to grab cash even after hours, and to be able to even access their accounts from across the world.

These seem like givens now, but the ATM was the first practical concept of being able to actually do that, and it set the foundation for more advanced technology to come like online banking, smart chips, debit cards, and more.

Changed How Consumers Thought
Beyond services, this changed how consumers actually thought and reacted. The idea 30 years ago of having your money on a card, trusting a balance to a machine, or pulling cash anywhere would be inconceivable. Yet as the technology spread and made life easier, and banks saw huge profits from introducing ATM fees, which made this a growing technology everyone seemed to benefit from.

The widespread use of ATMs becoming a common thing made basic international commerce easier, especially for travelers and tourists, once again paving the way for more versatile technology to follow as people become increasingly comfortable with access to cash in situations that had never been possible in the past.

A Few Final Thoughts
Tracing the full impact that ATMs have had in the banking industry is next to impossible as it not only changed technology and the financial industry, but helped pave the way for mentally training and conditioning the general population to interact with machines and expect fast access to their accounts in ways that had been impossible before. It’s hard to imagine society having trust for things such as online banking or smart banking if it wasn’t for the ATM leading the way with the idea of access to your account wherever you went.

Best Ways to Market Your Business Online as the Internet Evolves

As any business owner today can attest to, internet marketing has become increasing difficult to do among the ever increasing competition and always changing internet landscape.  Some methods are time tested and still work great while others have lost their effectiveness altogether.  This article strives to briefly discuss the latest internet marketing techniques that continue to be cost effective for just about any business budget, and to help you do away with methods that have lost their luster and are essentially a waste of time and money at this point.


What Still Works?

Having a high quality and good looking website with lots of informative content is still a great tool for converting people who are just browsing to actual potential paying customers for your business.  The key here is to not get too wordy and instead focus on what you think your potential customers want to know most about your products or service while getting rid of all the filler that will only server to distract them.

Now that you have a great website you need to actually drive traffic and viewership to it or it may as well be a billboard in the wilderness.  There are several ways you can drive traffic that still work great and provide a good return on investment.

  1. Organic SEO optimization (showing higher than your competitors in the search engine results pages).  This is a good strategy for any company to employ because it has long term focus and results if done right.  Try to talk to several SEO companies in your area and do a little price shopping to make sure it is going to fit within your budget. Have them give you ample examples of their past customers and how they were able to help them rank higher in the search engines. This should help you narrow down the best SEO company in your city and lead to a positive experience overall.
  2. Paid advertising in the search engines (PPC or Pay Per Click).  This method is Google’s bread and butter (called Adwords) and how they make the bulk of their revenue. These paid ads that you can bid on show up above the organic results on a given page and usually cost between 5 cents and 5 dollars a click for most circumstances.  It is an effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website (you choose the exact keywords you want to show up for) and depending on your budget can yield a great return on investment if done right.
  3. Advertising your company in the various internet directories is another great way to gain positive exposure and new customers online. Most of these services are free and you can signup for a listing with your companies contact info and other details. A few of these online directories provide a paid option (such as Yelp) where they will feature you on more pages related to your service and this is also something that can work well.  For all of these online citations we recommend asking your satisfied customers to leave a review online for you.  The more of these you build up at the various directory websites the better it is for your reputation and giving potential new customers more reason to choose you.


What’s New With Dental Braces Technology?

Dental braces have evolved a lot with the latest technology. There are clear options that are less visible than traditional braces and there are even braces now that are installed behind your teeth so that they are hardly visible to most observers.  You no longer need to feel self conscious or have people call you metal mouth or be embarrassed about the head gear your Orthodontist makes you wear.

When most people think of braces, they always think of teenagers. But An increasing number of adults are getting braces too. Your age is not a hindrance to straighten your teeth as long as you have healthy teeth structure and healthy gums. The state of your jawbone is extremely important when considering whether you need braces. If you have a lot of gum recession, loss of jawbone, and unhealthy gums, braces may not be the best option for you. This article provides a comprehensive overview of orthodontic braces.

Braces help improve your dental health and smile. People who could not afford braces during their childhood or children who didn’t wear their retainers during childhood may consider getting braces during their adulthood. Although many people think that braces only make their teeth straight, braces accomplish a lot more than that. Your orthodontist will evaluate a lot of factors when you go for a consultation.
Does your tongue stick out of the front teeth? Are your teeth straight? Do your teeth meet properly? Does the jaw hurt when you bite? Do you have large gaps between the teeth? Are your teeth and gums healthy? These are very important things that will be considered to decide whether you are a right candidate for braces. Your bite is an important factor when deciding if you require braces. After all, what’s the use of straight teeth if you cannot bite or speak properly. Your dentist will evaluate all these things before deciding whether you require braces.

The bracket type is not as important as the patient would think. All patients are not good candidates for “Invisalign” or invisible braces. Only a certain percentage of you will be ideal candidates for plastic aligners. Also, all metal braces are not low-quality like in the past. Today, there are many tooth-colored braces on the market. Your dentist is the best person to decide on the most suitable braces for you depending on the health of your teeth and gums.

The cost of braces may vary according to many factors. The material used for the braces, the doctor’s qualifications and experience, and the location of the dental clinic are some important factors that will help determine the price of braces. The average cost of a 2-year orthodontic treatment, including metal braces, is between $3,000 to $6,000. Ceramic and other special brackets may cost a lot more. Invisalign treatment will cost even more than that. You can arrange to make the payments by paying an initial down payment and then on a monthly basis. Check with your dentist about the payment plans offered by him/her before deciding to go to them.

How long it will take to see results may depend on the individual patient. The average treatment is 24 months. But many patients will see faster results if the braces are maintained properly. The dentist will advise on what needs to be done to achieve quick results with braces.

The aforementioned article provides an overview of the importance of dental braces.

For more information we recommend talking to a qualified Orthodontist near you. You can use this website to help connect you with Orthodontists in WashingtonOrthodontists in California or Orthodontists in Oregon.

Modern Roof Cleaning Equipment – Crucial Tips And Advice

Are you trying to find some useful roof cleaning tips and advice? If so, this guide will help you out. Cleaning a roof can certainly be a hazardous activity, so keeping yourself safe is always imperative. In this guide, you’re going to learn several tips for cleaning your roof quickly and efficiently, and you’ll also learn about some of the most effective methods available, too. Keeping this in mind, let’s find out more about the tips we have for you.

Tip 1 – Get Your Equipment Ready

Making sure you’re well prepared to clean your roof is a critical first step you must take. In general, you will need a ladder, a safety rope, and some quality footwear which will not slip why you’re walking around on the roof. Once you have all your equipment ready, it will be time to begin the job at hand.

Tip 2 – Use A Quality Cleaning Product

roof-maintenanceIf you want to make sure the job is done correctly, then you’re going to need more than a blast of water to clean the roof. In most cases, you’ll have a variety of mold and algae to contained with as well, so it’s vital to use a product which can handle the task.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, then you can just mix one part water with one part bleach, and this will go a long way towards destroying the vast majority of mold and algae species that are likely to be living on your roof.

Additionally, it’s wise to make sure you wash away all of the bleach after it has run off your roof – because if you fail to do so, there’s a good chance the bleach will also kill your lovely flower beds and grass as well.

Tip 3 – Consider Installing A Protective Barrier

If you’re sick and tired of cleaning your roof due to an excess growth of algae, then one of the best steps to take is to install a preventative measure which will help to reduce the growth of algae are mold in the first place.

Many people choose to use strips of galvanized sheet metal, and this will certainly help to protect your roof by cutting off the sunlight and air that algae needs to flourish.

Tip 4 – Be Wary Of The Pressure Washer

Perhaps one of the most popular ways of cleaning roof is to simply blast the surface with a pressure washer. Of course, if your roof is already in good condition and doesn’t have much algae or mild, then this can be an effective method.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the force of the pressure washer will often mean the cleaning product doesn’t have enough time to thoroughly destroy the algae and mold – so while you may blast away the current growth, the spores which will allow it to respawn at a later date will not be destroyed.


Overall, it’s easy to say that roof cleaning can be a troublesome task at the best of times – so there’s no shame in hiring professional to do the work for you. But if you keep these tips in mind, you’re likely to have a better chance of success whenever you’re cleaning your roof by yourself.

We are from the beautiful state of Oregon where regular roof cleaning and maintenance is a must for your home!  Our recommendation for the best roofing company in Portland is Dial One Roofing of Oregon Inc.  They do a great job and have amazing employees that were very helpful and knowledgeable.

See Things Clearly Now: Your Options for Better Vision!

Anyone who has felt their vision going out or has had glasses knows the dream of being able to see the world more clearly. Each person is going to have specific needs and challenges when it comes to getting their vision corrected since every person is also going to have very different eyes and the various physical issues that are causing each individual’s specific issues.

Look at Specialty Glasses

Not every pair of glasses are the same. Aside from the classic differences between regular prescription glasses, reading glasses, bi-focals, and tri-focals, but the way lenses are made can make a difference for individual people. Some like lenses that are thinly cut, others see better from more conventional glasses. Take a look at the variety of options out there to see what might work best for someone with your specific eye issues.

Contacts Can Provide Full Peripheral Vision

While some people with certain types of astigmatism might have difficulty with contact lenses, there are many hard and soft contact lenses that not only provide the same quality of vision as glasses, but since they are covering the actual eyeball, you don’t have the areas up, down, or to both sides of the glasses where your vision is still blurry because your glasses don’t cover that.

Contacts take away the blurriness, and the subconscious strain that can come from most of your vision being corrected, but some if it not being that way. Contact lenses are a great option to help improve overall vision. Look at long-term and short-term contact solutions to figure out which are the best fit for you.

LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK surgery is probably the best known of a wide variety of laser eye surgery procedures that corrects the eye so you won’t need any corrective glasses or contact lenses in the future. This procedure goes deep into the cornea and allows for the adjustments needed to return to full vision. The recovery time can take several weeks and there will be times of blurriness and other issues, but a successful LASIK surgery means your vision will return to perfect or near perfect. Many individuals can get better vision than they would get from contacts and glasses, and now they don’t have to worry about degeneration or other similar eye issues. If you live in the Northwest you can visit this directory website to get a list of LASIK Surgeons in Washington, LASIK Surgeons in Oregon, and LASIK Surgeons in California.

PRK Surgery

PRK surgery is a type of surface laser eye surgery that might be preferable when it comes to repairing light vision damage like minor cases of being near sighted, far sighted, or having a very minor astigmatism. This is a specialty type of laser eye surgery and can be a solid solution for the right situation.


Intacs (also called intracorneal ring segments) are the process of putting two small plastic rings in the cornea from incisions made in the eyes. This changes the way light can focus and with many people helps correct and improve vision as a result.

In Conclusion

There are many options when it comes to improving vision and this article just begins to scratch the surface of all the various ways that are available for improving one’s overall vision.

Top 5 health monitoring apps on iTunes

Apps have changed the way we live. They have brought many things right in our hands. Life is much easier because of apps. Here are the top 5 health monitoring apps on iTunes.

Symple – Symptom Tracker & Health Diary, By Symple Health, Inc.

app1It provides the easiest way to monitor ebb and flow of symptoms over a period of time. This is useful for both patients and doctors.

It can capture data quickly and they can track symptoms by ‘words’. It can track up to 10 symptoms simultaneously every day. It can record the medications and exercise routines.The data can be easily shared with the doctor.

Calorie Counter and Food Diary by MyNetDiary – for Diet and Weight Loss, By MyNetDiary Inc.

app2With this app you can lose weight easily and get healthier.

It is the smartest and easiest calorie counter and weight loss program. With this app you can reach your weight loss goal easily.

This app can track your exercise and food, plan a meal for you and keep you motivated.

Human: Activity tracker – Walking, running, biking and Calorie tracking, By Human

app3This app can track your walks, runs and cycling easily.

It speaks the human language and would be able to answer queries like ‘Am I doing enough exercise?”

With this app you can compare your exercise regime with others.

Waterlogged – Get Enough Water Everyday and Track What you Drink. Get Reminders, etc.

app4Like most of the people out there, if you are not drinking enough water then this app can help you in maintaining your water consumption level.

You will get graphs, reminders, etc. It’s an app that we definitely recommend you use as often as possible.

Diabetik, by Ugly apps

app5It is a free ap for managing diabetes.

The app provides charts, reminders, etc. It is designed for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients.

You would be able to monitor your food consumption, sugar level, etc. with this app.

These apps are so helpful and easy to use that in many occasions they might be a life saver. If you are a iPhone user, then you must download these apps today.

3 most promising med tech advancements for 2016

The year has just began and we are already looking towards some of the great advances in healthcare technology. Here are the most promising tech advancements of this year.

1.     Nanobots in Blood

Using this technology, tiny robots will be able to work like our white blood cells. They will be able to destroy pathogens that cause different diseases. They will work with their sensors and propulsion systems. They will be able to provide more powerful chemotherapy, about 1000 times more than that provided by the drugs today. They won’t cause any side effects also. Some other tasks they will be able to perform include: destroying bacteria, carrying oxygen, repairing cells, etc.

2.     Head Transplants and Mind Transfer

Brainpreservation.org and Google are doing research to find a way to cure diseases and extend life by preserving the brain on another brain or saving them on computers. In a few decades, a supercomputer might be invented which will be able to simulate a human brain at neutral level at a much faster speed compared to our biological brain.

3.     Robotic “Flight Simulator” Surgery

Robotic Surgery Simulator will allow real world views of actual surgeries so that the surgeons can experiment or make mistakes on a simulated environment. This will allow the surgeons to do the task right on the actual environment. As a result, 100% surgeries will turn out to be successful!

Once these technologies are developed, they will become the major breakthrough in the history of medical sciences. With the advancement of technology, people are getting hope to cure diseases and live longer.