Albert CarterWelcome to the BME Planet. After being in the field of technology for the last 10 years, I’d decided to shift my attention to medical science. I have done Masters of Science in Healthcare Informatics.

My works are now focused on technology in the healthcare industry.

Technology has completely transformed the health care system. A number of patient databases can now be created in order to provide specific and better treatment to patients.

For example, a Care Management System can identify high-risk patients from the low-risk ones and provide extra care to those who need it. Student profiles are now managed by database management systems.

The diagnostic sector of healthcare has also changed drastically due to the advancement of technology.

Now you can diagnose disease early and more accurately. Surgery has also gone through a lot of changes. Because of the laser technology, it is now possible to treat diseases without the traditional method of surgery. Patients are now more informed about their diseases as all the information related to different diseases are available on the Internet.

This blog will tell you about some of the wonders that technology has done to the medical industry. I’m sure you will find this blog very interesting.