Best Ways to Market Your Business Online as the Internet Evolves

As any business owner today can attest to, internet marketing has become increasing difficult to do among the ever increasing competition and always changing internet landscape.  Some methods are time tested and still work great while others have lost their effectiveness altogether.  This article strives to briefly discuss the latest internet marketing techniques that continue to be cost effective for just about any business budget, and to help you do away with methods that have lost their luster and are essentially a waste of time and money at this point.


What Still Works?

Having a high quality and good looking website with lots of informative content is still a great tool for converting people who are just browsing to actual potential paying customers for your business.  The key here is to not get too wordy and instead focus on what you think your potential customers want to know most about your products or service while getting rid of all the filler that will only server to distract them.

Now that you have a great website you need to actually drive traffic and viewership to it or it may as well be a billboard in the wilderness.  There are several ways you can drive traffic that still work great and provide a good return on investment.

  1. Organic SEO optimization (showing higher than your competitors in the search engine results pages).  This is a good strategy for any company to employ because it has long term focus and results if done right.  Try to talk to several SEO companies in your area and do a little price shopping to make sure it is going to fit within your budget. Have them give you ample examples of their past customers and how they were able to help them rank higher in the search engines. This should help you narrow down the best SEO company in your city and lead to a positive experience overall.
  2. Paid advertising in the search engines (PPC or Pay Per Click).  This method is Google’s bread and butter (called Adwords) and how they make the bulk of their revenue. These paid ads that you can bid on show up above the organic results on a given page and usually cost between 5 cents and 5 dollars a click for most circumstances.  It is an effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website (you choose the exact keywords you want to show up for) and depending on your budget can yield a great return on investment if done right.
  3. Advertising your company in the various internet directories is another great way to gain positive exposure and new customers online. Most of these services are free and you can signup for a listing with your companies contact info and other details. A few of these online directories provide a paid option (such as Yelp) where they will feature you on more pages related to your service and this is also something that can work well.  For all of these online citations we recommend asking your satisfied customers to leave a review online for you.  The more of these you build up at the various directory websites the better it is for your reputation and giving potential new customers more reason to choose you.