Top 5 health monitoring apps on iTunes

Apps have changed the way we live. They have brought many things right in our hands. Life is much easier because of apps. Here are the top 5 health monitoring apps on iTunes.

Symple – Symptom Tracker & Health Diary, By Symple Health, Inc.

app1It provides the easiest way to monitor ebb and flow of symptoms over a period of time. This is useful for both patients and doctors.

It can capture data quickly and they can track symptoms by ‘words’. It can track up to 10 symptoms simultaneously every day. It can record the medications and exercise routines.The data can be easily shared with the doctor.

Calorie Counter and Food Diary by MyNetDiary – for Diet and Weight Loss, By MyNetDiary Inc.

app2With this app you can lose weight easily and get healthier.

It is the smartest and easiest calorie counter and weight loss program. With this app you can reach your weight loss goal easily.

This app can track your exercise and food, plan a meal for you and keep you motivated.

Human: Activity tracker – Walking, running, biking and Calorie tracking, By Human

app3This app can track your walks, runs and cycling easily.

It speaks the human language and would be able to answer queries like ‘Am I doing enough exercise?”

With this app you can compare your exercise regime with others.

Waterlogged – Get Enough Water Everyday and Track What you Drink. Get Reminders, etc.

app4Like most of the people out there, if you are not drinking enough water then this app can help you in maintaining your water consumption level.

You will get graphs, reminders, etc. It’s an app that we definitely recommend you use as often as possible.

Diabetik, by Ugly apps

app5It is a free ap for managing diabetes.

The app provides charts, reminders, etc. It is designed for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients.

You would be able to monitor your food consumption, sugar level, etc. with this app.

These apps are so helpful and easy to use that in many occasions they might be a life saver. If you are a iPhone user, then you must download these apps today.