Will we become human-robots by 2050?

The field of artificial intelligence is advancing very fast. With more sophisticated robots being invented, it is not surprising that we might become human-robots by 2050. Here are the reasons why.

2Researchers claim that humans will be marrying robots by the year 2050. Robots will be very human like; they will display emotions and have conversations just like humans. It will be as if a new race of people will be coming.

You will be able to fall in love with robots and make friends. Human will have sexual relationships with robots within the next five years. By the year 2050, there is high chance that people will have sex with robots more than with humans.

By the year 2040, Google robots will be driving cabs. Call centres will be under the control of intelligent droids. It is predicted that robots will be taking over jobs of humans within the next 30 years.

This job competition will ultimately make people run to brain surgeons to increase the processing power of their brains! People might also think of bionic implants for hands so that they can work as fast as robots.

By the year 2050, surgeons will be able to transplant human head on the body of a robot. TV Celebrity Simon Cowell has expressed his interest to get ‘cryogenically frozen’ so that he can be brought back to the life after his death. One famous neuroscientist has suggested that Cowell’s brain could be implanted on an artificial body before he dies and so he can live for hundred more years.

Major evolutionary transition is taking place in the health science industry. Robots were first introduced to make cars. Then they were made to play chess. The robotics dogs were then invented and now robots are trained to take care of the elder people. For the last 20 years researchers are working on the emotional aspect of robots. Now we can see what to expect by the year 2050.