Will we become human-robots by 2050?

The field of artificial intelligence is advancing very fast. With more sophisticated robots being invented, it is not surprising that we might become human-robots by 2050. Here are the reasons why.

2Researchers claim that humans will be marrying robots by the year 2050. Robots will be very human like; they will display emotions and have conversations just like humans. It will be as if a new race of people will be coming.

You will be able to fall in love with robots and make friends. Human will have sexual relationships with robots within the next five years. By the year 2050, there is high chance that people will have sex with robots more than with humans.

By the year 2040, Google robots will be driving cabs. Call centres will be under the control of intelligent droids. It is predicted that robots will be taking over jobs of humans within the next 30 years.

This job competition will ultimately make people run to brain surgeons to increase the processing power of their brains! People might also think of bionic implants for hands so that they can work as fast as robots.

By the year 2050, surgeons will be able to transplant human head on the body of a robot. TV Celebrity Simon Cowell has expressed his interest to get ‘cryogenically frozen’ so that he can be brought back to the life after his death. One famous neuroscientist has suggested that Cowell’s brain could be implanted on an artificial body before he dies and so he can live for hundred more years.

Major evolutionary transition is taking place in the health science industry. Robots were first introduced to make cars. Then they were made to play chess. The robotics dogs were then invented and now robots are trained to take care of the elder people. For the last 20 years researchers are working on the emotional aspect of robots. Now we can see what to expect by the year 2050.

Top 5 health monitoring apps on iTunes

Apps have changed the way we live. They have brought many things right in our hands. Life is much easier because of apps. Here are the top 5 health monitoring apps on iTunes.

Symple – Symptom Tracker & Health Diary, By Symple Health, Inc.

app1It provides the easiest way to monitor ebb and flow of symptoms over a period of time. This is useful for both patients and doctors.

It can capture data quickly and they can track symptoms by ‘words’. It can track up to 10 symptoms simultaneously every day. It can record the medications and exercise routines.The data can be easily shared with the doctor.

Calorie Counter and Food Diary by MyNetDiary – for Diet and Weight Loss, By MyNetDiary Inc.

app2With this app you can lose weight easily and get healthier.

It is the smartest and easiest calorie counter and weight loss program. With this app you can reach your weight loss goal easily.

This app can track your exercise and food, plan a meal for you and keep you motivated.

Human: Activity tracker – Walking, running, biking and Calorie tracking, By Human

app3This app can track your walks, runs and cycling easily.

It speaks the human language and would be able to answer queries like ‘Am I doing enough exercise?”

With this app you can compare your exercise regime with others.

Waterlogged – Get Enough Water Everyday and Track What you Drink. Get Reminders, etc.

app4Like most of the people out there, if you are not drinking enough water then this app can help you in maintaining your water consumption level.

You will get graphs, reminders, etc. It’s an app that we definitely recommend you use as often as possible.

Diabetik, by Ugly apps

app5It is a free ap for managing diabetes.

The app provides charts, reminders, etc. It is designed for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients.

You would be able to monitor your food consumption, sugar level, etc. with this app.

These apps are so helpful and easy to use that in many occasions they might be a life saver. If you are a iPhone user, then you must download these apps today.

3 most promising med tech advancements for 2016

The year has just began and we are already looking towards some of the great advances in healthcare technology. Here are the most promising tech advancements of this year.

1.     Nanobots in Blood

Using this technology, tiny robots will be able to work like our white blood cells. They will be able to destroy pathogens that cause different diseases. They will work with their sensors and propulsion systems. They will be able to provide more powerful chemotherapy, about 1000 times more than that provided by the drugs today. They won’t cause any side effects also. Some other tasks they will be able to perform include: destroying bacteria, carrying oxygen, repairing cells, etc.

2.     Head Transplants and Mind Transfer

Brainpreservation.org and Google are doing research to find a way to cure diseases and extend life by preserving the brain on another brain or saving them on computers. In a few decades, a supercomputer might be invented which will be able to simulate a human brain at neutral level at a much faster speed compared to our biological brain.

3.     Robotic “Flight Simulator” Surgery

Robotic Surgery Simulator will allow real world views of actual surgeries so that the surgeons can experiment or make mistakes on a simulated environment. This will allow the surgeons to do the task right on the actual environment. As a result, 100% surgeries will turn out to be successful!

Once these technologies are developed, they will become the major breakthrough in the history of medical sciences. With the advancement of technology, people are getting hope to cure diseases and live longer.