See Things Clearly Now: Your Options for Better Vision!

Anyone who has felt their vision going out or has had glasses knows the dream of being able to see the world more clearly. Each person is going to have specific needs and challenges when it comes to getting their vision corrected since every person is also going to have very different eyes and the various physical issues that are causing each individual’s specific issues.

Look at Specialty Glasses

Not every pair of glasses are the same. Aside from the classic differences between regular prescription glasses, reading glasses, bi-focals, and tri-focals, but the way lenses are made can make a difference for individual people. Some like lenses that are thinly cut, others see better from more conventional glasses. Take a look at the variety of options out there to see what might work best for someone with your specific eye issues.

Contacts Can Provide Full Peripheral Vision

While some people with certain types of astigmatism might have difficulty with contact lenses, there are many hard and soft contact lenses that not only provide the same quality of vision as glasses, but since they are covering the actual eyeball, you don’t have the areas up, down, or to both sides of the glasses where your vision is still blurry because your glasses don’t cover that.

Contacts take away the blurriness, and the subconscious strain that can come from most of your vision being corrected, but some if it not being that way. Contact lenses are a great option to help improve overall vision. Look at long-term and short-term contact solutions to figure out which are the best fit for you.

LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK surgery is probably the best known of a wide variety of laser eye surgery procedures that corrects the eye so you won’t need any corrective glasses or contact lenses in the future. This procedure goes deep into the cornea and allows for the adjustments needed to return to full vision. The recovery time can take several weeks and there will be times of blurriness and other issues, but a successful LASIK surgery means your vision will return to perfect or near perfect. Many individuals can get better vision than they would get from contacts and glasses, and now they don’t have to worry about degeneration or other similar eye issues. If you live in the Northwest you can visit this directory website to get a list of LASIK Surgeons in Washington, LASIK Surgeons in Oregon, and LASIK Surgeons in California.

PRK Surgery

PRK surgery is a type of surface laser eye surgery that might be preferable when it comes to repairing light vision damage like minor cases of being near sighted, far sighted, or having a very minor astigmatism. This is a specialty type of laser eye surgery and can be a solid solution for the right situation.


Intacs (also called intracorneal ring segments) are the process of putting two small plastic rings in the cornea from incisions made in the eyes. This changes the way light can focus and with many people helps correct and improve vision as a result.

In Conclusion

There are many options when it comes to improving vision and this article just begins to scratch the surface of all the various ways that are available for improving one’s overall vision.